By Plane

Ducati can be easily reached by taxi from Bologna's Airport Guglielmo Marconi.www.bologna-airport.it 
The taxi stand is right outside of the arrivals terminal (about 8 € and a 10 minutes ride). 

By Car

Bologna is located in the northeast of Italy, 1 hour from Florence, 2 hours from Milan, 2 hours from Venice and 3.5 hours from Rome and at the crossroads of all the main Italian motorways (autostrade): the A14, A13 and A1.    
For directions see Google Maps above.
Ducati (Museum and Factory) is located in Via Antonio Cavalieri Ducati, 3 - Bologna

GPS: 44.516399,11.267574 / N 44.30.970 E 11.16.140

By Train

Bologna is a main stop on the Italian rail system and all of the most important national and international lines pass through it. Trains depart from Milan and Rome to Bologna almost every hour. To get from the Bologna Central Station to the Ducati factory, you can either take a taxi (about 15 € and a 20 minutes ride), a bus (1 € bus ticket and an approximately 40 minute ride) a train or a suburban train (1 € ticket and the trip takes about 10 minutes).

Taxi. The taxi stop is in the small square in front of the station. Ducati is located on Via Cavalieri Ducati 3, Borgo Panigale. Tell the taxi driver, sit back and relax. 

Bus  Get on bus number 36 going towards the "Barca" or the number 39 that circles the city. From either bus, get off a the first stop of Via Lame and change to bus number 13, going towards "Via Normandia  - Borgo Panigale". Get off the bus at the stop named "Borgo Panigale", at the intersection between via Marco Emilio Lepido and Via Cavalieri Ducati. Take Via Ducati (coming from the centre of Bologna, it is a left turn) and you will find the entrance to the Company on your right after approximately 200 metres. 

The Suburban train service (Suburbana) leaves from central station - platform West (binario ovest) to the Borgo Panigale station. 

By train take the one to Porretta Terme or Vignola.

When you get off the train in Borgo Panigale, go up the stairs to the street above you and reach the bus stop. Take bus number 13 towards via Normandia and get off at the 3rd stop called "Borgo Panigale", nearby the intersection between via Marco Emilio Lepido and Via Cavalieri Ducati. Take Via Ducati and you will find the entrance to the comapny on your right after approximately 200 metres. 

For more information regarding train schedules and stations please check:www.trenitalia.com
For more information on the Suburban train, visit www.atc.bo.it orhttp://www.suburbanafbv.it/ 

Museum and factory tours


The Ducati Museum and Factory in Borgo Panigale, near Bologna, Italy, are opened to public.




9:15 - 11:00 - 13:45 - 15:30

土曜 - ミュージアムのガイド付き見学のみ:

10:00 - 11:00 - 12:00

土曜のファクトリーおよびミュージアムのガイド付き見学は、DOC 会員 (団体のみ) に限らせていただきます。

定休日:土曜日の午後、日曜日、イースター(2014年4月21日・月曜日)、夏期休暇(2014年8月2日・土曜日〜8月31日・日曜日)、クリスマス休暇(2014年12月20日・土曜日〜2015年1月​​6日・火曜日)とイタリアの祝日( 4月25日、5月1日、10月4日、11月1日と12月8日)





通常料金            10.00 ユーロ (お一人様)
割引料金             8.00 ユーロ (お一人様)


  • 10 人を超える団体
  • ドゥカティのバイクをお持ちの方 (チケットご購入時にドゥカティカードをご提示ください)
  • 土曜のご見学 (予約済み)
  • 月曜から金曜のご見学については、不測の事態によりミュージアムまたはファクトリーが見学できない場合があります。


DOC 会員

  • 10 歳未満の小児
  • 障害者とその介護者
  • 児童、生徒、学生を引率する教員この場合の児童、生徒、学生の数は次のとおりです (予約時に別途取り決めのある場合はそれに従います)

a)      小学生:5 名につき教員 1 名が無料

b)      中学生・高校生:10 名につき教員 1 名が無料

  • 団体用バスでお越しの団体の場合は、バスの運転士
  • ご同伴の通訳 (ガイドの説明を通訳する場合)
  • 認定を受けた観光案内士 (身分証明書をご提示ください)



収益はすべてドゥカティ財団 (Fondazione Ducati) へ送られます。ドゥカティ財団は、ドゥカティの活動を支援する非営利団体であり、情熱と誇りをもって、専門知識・技術を生かした活動に取り組んでいます。

ドゥカティ モーター ホールディングは、生産日程の変更または不測の事態により、上記の見学の期間、内容および日程を変更する権利を有します。





Tel. +39 (0)51 6413343 - 月曜~金曜の午前 10 時~ 11 時、午後 2 時~ 4 時



見学および当社に関する詳細につきましては、こちらをクリックして、FAQ をご覧ください。

The bridge between school and business

Fisica in Moto (physics on motorcycles), located at the historical Ducati factory in Borgo Panigale, is the interactive didactic physics laboratory dedicated specifically to high school students created through the collaboration of the Fondazione Ducati together and the Liceo Malpighi (Malpighi high school) in Bologna.

The purpose of the laboratory is to build a bridge between schools and businesses through the experience of science and technology museums. Specifically designed and custom-built interactive machines will be used inside the laboratory to demonstrate the principles of physics that students learn at school, as well as phsyics’ relationship with a Ducati MotoGP bike. The whole course has been developed with thecollaboration of the professors from Bologna’s Malpighi high school anduniversity lecturers. 

For further information about the visits program, visit Fisica In Moto Website.